Bollison Has Organized A Spring Outing


In order to thank all employees' hard work, enhance the friendship, enrich the spare-time life , advocate a healthy and beneficial low-carbon life,  and further improve the life taste of the company’s employees, Bollison organize the Spring Outing  and get close to nature from April 3 to April 5,2020.

1. Activity time

Apirl 3 to April 5,2020

2. Event Location

Xueye Lake

3. Event

Hiking around the lake (bicycle), fishing and boating, barbecue, billiards, table tennis, KTV, book bar, internet bar, chess and card room, badminton, tennis, etc.


(1) During the trip, please pay attention to your own safety at all times, obey the instructions, do not leave the team without authorization, and consciously maintain the discipline of collective activities;

(2)Employees of the company pay attention to the safety of the itinerary, please take the family members to pay attention to the safety of their families, and do not participate in dangerous projects and risk projects after drinking;,

(3)All employees are requested to keep their mobile phones unblocked. In case of emergencies, the team leader, department leader, activity leader or company management personnel can be used.

(4) Please take good care of your valuables

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