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What is hdpe Geocell?

HDPE Geocell are a lightweight but high strength three-dimensional honeycomb-like cellular confinement system. It is used as foundation reinforcement for improvement in load bearing capacities of weak soils and also as erosion control barrier for slopes and ground surfaces.

Geocell products are three-dimensional, expandable panels made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyester or another polymer material

Geocell is reinforced by high intensity HDPE broadband, after the powerful welding face to become a reticular lattice room structure. It retractile,transportation can shrink fold super to,when using ,open and filling earth-rock,or concrete materials,constitute has strong lateral restrictions and taking degrees structures ,it can be used as a cushion,dealing with weak foundation bearing capacity , also can be laid on slope surface slope protection structure constitute, still can be used to build retaining structures,etc.

What's the Specifications of HDPE Geocell?

* welding distance:330-1000mm

* height:50-250mm

* Textured or Smooth surface

* Color: black,brown,green

What's the Applications of HDPE Geocell?

* Erosion Control

* Load Support

* Slope Protection

* Channel Protection

* Retaining Wall

* Ground Stabilisation 

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